Chinagoods has launched its first offline store in Tanzania

Recently, the first offline store of Chinagoods platform officially started trial operation in Kariakoo Market in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, marking new progress in Yiwu's "brand going to sea".

2024-05-28 10:41:06

The total value of Yiwu's foreign trade in the first quarter was 148.25 billion yuan

Recently, it was learned from Yiwu Customs that in the first quarter of this year, the total value of Yiwu's foreign trade import and export was 148.25 billion yuan, an increase of 25.5%; Among them, the export was 128.77 billion yuan, up by 20.5%; Imports of 19.48 billion yuan, an increase of 72.3%, import and export and import value accounted for 12.3%, 14.7% and 5.9% of the province's share, accounting for 1.7, 1.7 and 2.1 percentage points respectively.

2024-05-28 10:38:50

The first national industrial Internet pilot demonstration project in Yiwu was launched

A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the 2023 Industrial Internet pilot demonstration list, and the "Yiwu DHT Phase II Factory 5G full connection" project declared by Yiwu Geely Automatic Transmission Co., Ltd. was successfully selected, becoming the first national industrial Internet pilot demonstration project in Yiwu.

2024-05-28 10:35:55

In Yiwu, "see" the Paris Olympic Games

Recently, the topic of "Yiwu people have begun to earn money from the Paris Olympic Games" rushed to the top of the Weibo hot search list, which lasted 4.3 hours, more than 100 million times of reading, 38,000 times of user interaction, and was forwarded by 110 domestic media. According to Yiwu Customs statistics, in the first quarter of this year, Yiwu sporting goods exports 2.20 billion yuan, an increase of 46.2%. Among them, Yiwu exported 230 million yuan to the EU, an increase of 32.2%.

2024-06-06 17:17:07

Yiwu enterprises have gained a lot from participating in Italy

Recently, the 55th Cosmoprof Casmanbo International Beauty Exhibition in Bologna, Italy came to a successful end. As an influential beauty event in the world, the exhibition provides a high-quality platform for beauty companies to expand business opportunities and promote products, attracting more than 3,000 beauty companies from 69 countries. This time, Yiwu Hengfa Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. organized more than 50 people from 26 enterprises in the city to attend the exhibition in Italy, and gained a lot.

2024-05-23 09:03:31

This spring, the "camping economy" is in full swing

Did you go camping in spring? No matter where you are, you can always see friends around you on the beach, on the grass, or under the trees, setting up tents and enjoying the spring sun and fine food with their families.

2024-05-23 09:03:29

The World Supermarket has opened its Christmas shopping season early

Christmas Day falls on December 25th every year. Before this, European and American merchants usually come to Yiwu in April and May to see samples and place orders, but this year the situation seems to have a new change - affected by the increase in shipping rates and the shortage of shipping capacity brought about by the Red Sea crisis, the goods purchased by European and American merchants cannot arrive at the port on time, and they need to lock the shipment time in advance, that is, to see samples through wechat video in January. In February, I came to Yiwu market to confirm the deposit for product delivery.

2024-05-23 09:03:26

Yiwu made "out" for the Paris Olympic Games

Paris Olympic Games countdown 120 days, "world supermarket" Yiwu feel the dividend of the Olympic economy? A set of data provided by Yiwu Customs can be seen: from January to February this year, Yiwu sporting goods exports 1.7 billion yuan, an increase of 70.5%. It is not only the trade figures that are growing, but also the market's confidence in the "Olympic economy".

2024-05-23 09:03:23