The first national industrial Internet pilot demonstration project in Yiwu was launched

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A few days ago, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology released the 2023 Industrial Internet pilot demonstration list, and the "Yiwu DHT Phase II Factory 5G full connection" project declared by Yiwu Geely Automatic Transmission Co., Ltd. was successfully selected, becoming the first national industrial Internet pilot demonstration project in Yiwu.


It is reported that the 5G full connection project of Yiwu DHT Phase II Factory is located at No. 9 Qingcheng Road, Chian Town, with a total area of 319 acres and an overall planned annual output of 700,000 DHT hybrid dual-clutch transmissions. In recent years, the company has fully penetrated the "Internet +" thinking into all links of the industrial chain, and has realized automatic collection of more than 90% of the data such as work report, quality and equipment operation in the production and manufacturing links through comprehensive use of PLC, RFID, scanning and other methods, and has realized data collection through manual entry and automatic collection in some business links. And realize the data sharing across departments. At the same time, the report analysis function of the relevant system is used for data analysis and utilization, providing intelligent decision-making and intelligent analysis for enterprise management.


Into the production workshop of the company, the reporter saw the AGV car shuttling back and forth between the warehouse and the line body, automatically transporting materials to the next matching station, and robots, manipulators and automated special machines methoically realize the automatic assembly, detection and packaging of products. "At present, we have built a full coverage of 5G private network in the factory area, and through 5G+ Internet of Things technology, we have realized new applications such as' 5G+AGV production line logistics distribution ', '5G+ industrial data acquisition', '5G+ factory intelligent logistics' and' 5G+ on-site monitoring 'in the production, manufacturing, management, monitoring and logistics links." The relevant person in charge of Yiwu Geely Automatic Transmission Co., Ltd. introduced that the project shows the application prospect of 5G technology in the field of intelligent manufacturing, which has a strong generalization and demonstration role for the automobile manufacturing industry and other manufacturing industries, and will promote the digital transformation and intelligent upgrading of various industries.


"The industrial Internet, as a product of the deep integration of a new generation of information technology and manufacturing, is increasingly becoming an effective path for the manufacturing industry to achieve digitalization, networking, intelligent upgrading and transformation and high-quality development." The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Bureau of Economy and Information Technology said that the city has been continuously increasing policy support and guidance, encouraging the construction of industrial Internet platforms, and giving 500,000 yuan and 1 million yuan awards to enterprises listed in the provincial and national industrial Internet platform creation list (pilot demonstration) for the first time.


(Excerpt: Yiwu Commercial Daily)

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