Chinagoods has launched its first offline store in Tanzania

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Recently, the first offline store of Chinagoods platform officially started trial operation in Kariakoo Market in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, marking new progress in Yiwu's "brand going to sea".


It is reported that Dar es Salaam, as Tanzania's largest city, is the country's economic and cultural center, but also an important port in East Africa. Kariakoo Market is the most prosperous wholesale market in Tanzania and East Africa, with tens of thousands of buyers coming here every day to purchase and negotiate. The first offline store of Chinagoods platform is operated in the offline store membership mode, with Tanzania as the center and radiating the entire East African market.


"The trial opening of the first offline store on the Chinagoods platform is equivalent to moving Yiwu International Trade City overseas, breaking through the time and space restrictions, so that African buyers can buy at the door without coming to Yiwu." In the future, 2.1 million products in Yiwu market will gradually appear in Kariakoo market, which will facilitate local merchants to buy directly overseas." The relevant person in charge of the mall Group said that the Chinagoods platform will continue to expand the offline business model and better serve 75,000 market merchants and global buyers. At the same time, taking the lead of state-owned assets, integrating resources and investing funds, inviting qualified Yiwu resource parties (market operators, foreign trade companies, etc.) and overseas resource parties (local traders, channel operators, platform operators, etc.) to jointly form a joint venture company to directly enter the overseas market, so that Yiwu enterprises can easily do business globally.


The reporter learned that at present, the products exhibited in the first offline store of the Chinagoods platform mainly cover hardware tools, daily necessities, jewelry, bags and other categories. However, Tanzanian merchants feedback, kitchen supplies, small appliances are also very popular in the local mall group is actively attracting investment, interested in developing the African market merchants, can sign up through Chinagoods.


According to reports, last year, with the care and support of Yiwu Municipal Committee and municipal government, Yiwu China Commodity City's "brand going to Sea" plan was officially launched, and five modes of overseas sub-markets, overseas warehouses, overseas exhibition halls, Chinagoods national stations, and overseas exhibitions were fully developed to help Yiwu merchants and commodities go out to expand overseas markets.


(Excerpt: Yiwu Commercial Daily)

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