From the China-Europe Express "Happiness Road", the International economy and trade "two-way"

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International economy and trade, stable channels, especially need China's voice. According to the latest data from the National Railway Group, from January to April this year, the total number of China-Europe trains opened 6,184, sending 675,000 TEU of goods, an increase of 10% and 11% respectively, and the increase continued to expand compared with the first quarter.


Since the beginning of this year, the traffic volume and shipment volume of China-Europe freight trains have hit record highs, which is a direct demonstration of the close economic and trade cooperation between China and Europe. Faced with the challenges of the international economic and trade environment and the uncertainty of logistics timeliness, a series of "steel camel trains" have continued to operate steadily, consolidating the foundation of connectivity on the Eurasian continent and providing strong support for economic and trade exchanges between China and Europe and the world at large.


The China-Europe freight train has created a new channel for economic and trade cooperation. More than two thousand years ago, the Silk Road went from Chang 'an to the plateau and then to the Western regions, and now, "Made in China" on the China-Europe freight train, to the plateau, to the world, but also to witness China's speed, China's strength and China's miracle. Since the first China-Europe train departed from Chongqing Tuanjiecun Central Station in 2011, to now, China has continued to carry out China-Europe train transportation tests from Xi 'an, Chongqing, Yiwu to Poti, Georgia, Istanbul, Turkey, and successfully launched the trans-Caspian Sea and Black Sea China-Europe train from Urumqi, Xinjiang to Naples, Italy, and the China-Europe train transportation organization on the Nantong route has become increasingly mature... The quantity and quality of China-Europe freight trains have "soared", allowing the ancient road to continue the glory of the Silk Road on the new route.


In terms of transport efficiency, China-Europe Railway trains have worked closely with neighboring countries to optimize cross-border transport organization, improve train formation efficiency, and significantly save transport time and costs. For example, railway departments have strengthened communication and coordination with customs, border inspection and other departments, actively promoted the railway rapid customs clearance mode, coordinated overseas railway enterprises to increase their efforts to pick up and change vehicles, and improved the efficiency of port transportation and customs clearance facilitation. For another example, the active development of European backhaul goods sources has promoted the two-way and balanced development of Sino-European trade, and greatly enhanced its competitiveness in the field of international logistics. The Belt and Road Initiative has not only developed China, but also benefited the world. Over the past decade or so, the "iron camel caravan" has galloped across the world, bringing tangible benefits to Belt and Road partners, adding vitality to economic globalization, providing new solutions to improve global governance, and pooling civilization-driven forces for the progress of human society.


Drive the wind forward, "steel silk Road" good scenery. The "iron dragon" between China and European countries brings goods, hope and future. It is reported that the China-Europe train has planned three passages in the West and Middle East. The western passage exits from the central and western parts of the country via Alashankou (Khorgos), the central passage exits from the North of the country via Erenhot, and the eastern passage exits from the northeast of China via Manzhouli (Suifenhe). While transportation efficiency continues to improve, service quality has never lagged behind. Five full-schedule China-Europe train services between Xi 'an and Duisburg in Germany and Chengdu and Lodz in Poland are operated steadily every week. The customer service center of the China-Europe Railway Line carefully accepts customer needs, and patiently answers questions for domestic and foreign customers; Optimize the layout of overseas return points for railway boxes, and add 16 overseas return points to meet the diversified needs of global customers. The "Iron Camel train", like a silver ribbon, connects the cities along the line, sends hope to every place, and provides a new platform for the cooperation and development of countries.


Build consensus on cooperation and seek a "two-way rush". China and Europe have injected new impetus into world economic growth. Today, with the help of the China-Europe Express, China has established long-term and fruitful friendship with more and more countries. Through sincere cooperation, we have achieved policy coordination, infrastructure connectivity, unimpeded trade, financial integration and people-to-people ties. The future is already under our feet, and the China-Europe Railway Express will promote the landing of more cooperation projects and provide more Chinese strength for the development of European countries.


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