To "smart" to "new" to accelerate the layout of the new energy vehicle industry chain upgrade and quality

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"The trend of intelligent new energy vehicles in China is becoming more and more obvious." "We need to learn from China's intelligent technology this time." At the scene of the just-concluded 2024 Beijing International Automobile Exhibition, the reporter heard many industry insiders from home and abroad so sigh. Many manufacturers have also brought the latest intelligent products such as automatic driving systems and various types of radar, and the trend of intelligent new energy vehicles in China is rising.


In addition to challenging higher performance intelligent driving technology, there are manufacturers constantly making efforts to promote the further popularization of intelligence.


The relevant person in charge of the Marketing Department of Hexai Technology said in an interview with reporters that as a Lidar specialized enterprise, Hexai is committed to continuously promoting the application of Lidar.


According to the Total Factor Productivity Report of the New energy automobile industry chain in the Era of electrification, Network Connectivity and Intelligence (2023) released by the China ICT Institute at the beginning of this year, under the development trend of automobile network connectivity and intelligence, China's large science and technology enterprises are accelerating the layout and cross-border innovation. Especially in the intelligent module of the new energy automobile industry chain, China is at the forefront in terms of autonomous driving systems, while maintaining a growth trend in lidar, millimeter wave radar and other fields.


Industry experts said that only the industrial chain is complete enough to achieve the overall upgrading of the industry. Under the background of the increasing trend of intelligence, China's new energy automobile industry has gradually walked out of an intelligent network road with its own characteristics.


"China's new energy vehicle industry chain is developing rapidly, covering the complete process from raw material supply to vehicle assembly. The complete industrial chain has formed a strong vertical integration capability, which provides the basis for intelligent upgrading. Especially in the development of intelligent components and systems, domestic enterprises such as Huawei, Baidu, Xiaomi, etc., have also entered, bringing new opportunities for cross-border integration, and promoting the coordinated development of the whole chain from intelligent hardware to software and services." China Association of automobile Manufacturers deputy chief engineer Wang Yao told reporters in an interview.


"The intellectualization of new energy vehicles will lead the automotive industry to a new height, bringing profound impact on the technological progress, market competition and environmental protection of China's and even the global automotive industry." "The further upgrading of the industry in the future also needs to strengthen technology research and development and application, while promoting the deep integration of the upstream and downstream industry chains, improving efficiency and flexibility, and providing a solid foundation for the continuous upgrading and development of the industry," Wang Yao said.


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