Logistics to reduce the cost of development and increase efficiency

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Transport "one box system", service "one single system", multimodal transport to help reduce costs and increase efficiency


"Compared with traditional modes of transport, sea-rail combined transport can reduce the total cost of freight transport by 30 percent." Zhu Enjun, head of the sea-rail intermodal transport of the business department of Ningbo Zhoushan Port Co., LTD., said that behind the cost reduction and efficiency increase of logistics is the innovative exploration of "one box system" and "one single system" of multimodal transport.


Transport "one box system". Zhu Enjun introduced that today, the beginning and end of the railway special line into the port, the vehicle and ship directly, the container does not land, reducing the cumbersome docking links, and the transportation time has been greatly improved.


Service "one single system". Zhu Enjun said that under the "single system" mode, the cargo owner can complete the whole transportation as long as the docking railway side, and achieve "one consignment, one billing, one document, and one payment."


The network is more perfect, the structure is more optimized, and the logistics cost level is steadily declining


The network is better. At present, the logistics operation system of "channel + hub + network" has begun to take shape, and the "major artery" and "microcirculation" are more smooth.


More optimized structure. Through the continuous promotion of bulk goods and medium and long-distance transport "transit rail" and "transit water", the proportion of railway and water transport in the freight turnover of the whole society has gradually increased.


Service quality and efficiency have been continuously improved. In recent years, the Ministry of Transport and multiple departments to carry out comprehensive transport services "one vote system, one single system, one box system" special pilot transport power.


Open up the blocking point, innovate the model, optimize the environment, and continue to tap the potential of logistics cost reduction space


Break through the blocked points and strengthen the efficient connection of all links. The relevant person in charge of the China Logistics Information Center said that it is necessary to speed up the development of multimodal transport "one single system" and "one box system", and strive to improve the comprehensive service capacity of railway and water transport, and promote the cost reduction and efficiency of systematic logistics.


Innovate the model, release the new potential of logistics cost reduction. Li Yanlin, deputy director of the Modern Logistics Research Center of the Scientific Research Institute of the Ministry of Transport, believes that the development of a new logistics model combined with platform economy, unmanned driving and other technologies should be vigorously encouraged, and the introduction and improvement of relevant policies and measures should be accelerated to guide the standardized development of relevant industries.


Optimize the environment and effectively reduce institutional costs. The relevant person in charge of the transport service Department of the Ministry of Transport said that the next step will be to cancel and adjust unreasonable fines, target to reduce coastal port pilotage fees, reduce cargo port fees and truck tolls by stages, and promote logistics to reduce costs and improve quality and efficiency in a full range and the whole chain.


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