"National rhyme" long, national tide into a boom

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       Domestic "fashion products" represent the combination of tradition and innovation, carrying people's yearning for a better life, leading a new consumption trend. This year's "Government Work Report" proposed to actively cultivate new consumption growth points such as smart home, entertainment and tourism, sports events, and domestic "fashionable goods".


"National wind" blowing strong consumption boom to show cultural confidence


China Textile Industry Federation data show that in 2023, the "new Chinese" clothing market size reached 1 billion yuan. In the past three years, the gross merchandise volume of related products has grown by more than 100%.


Not only Chinese clothing is in line with the trend, but the national tide consumption heat in various industries such as catering, beauty, fashion, cultural tourism is constantly rising, conveying the strong driving force of China's economic growth.


Wang Wentao, minister of Commerce, said that high-quality domestic goods carry the national spirit and excellent traditional culture, while "fashionable goods" represent the trend of fashion consumption and quality consumption. The cross-border collision and integration of domestic goods and "fashionable goods" have stimulated new hot spots in residents' life and consumption.


"Tide" surging new cross-border integration to lead the trend of fashion


The old brand brings out the new "turn red", and the new domestic products boldly innovate "out of the circle". The innovative expression of trendiness, the new design and new marketing combining culture and science and technology, make the domestic "fashionable products" show new vitality.


Vice Minister of Commerce Sheng Qiuping said that the time-honored brand will be the focus of promoting the consumption of domestic "fashion goods", supporting the incubation and cultivation of new consumer brands, and promoting the innovative development of time-honored brands. Focus on traditional festivals, organize the integration of time-honored brands and new national tide enterprises online and offline to carry out a series of activities, create more "must buy must bring" characteristic goods, so that consumers in the taste of domestic "tide goods" process, feel the unique charm of Chinese excellent traditional culture.


To achieve "Changhong" to continue to activate the vitality of the national tide brand


Under the influence of national tide, consumers have higher requirements for quality, design, experience and so on. If you want to truly realize the trend from net red to long red, you need to dig deep into the brand connotation, improve product quality, and create brand highlights.


Lin Zhijie, associate professor of the School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University, said that to build brand competitiveness, on the one hand, we should strengthen the brand image and cultural connotation, integrate traditional culture with modern "fashion" innovation, dig deep into the cultural connotation of the brand, and enhance consumers' brand identity and sense of belonging; On the other hand, we must adhere to quality, let domestic products become synonymous with high quality, and win the trust of consumers.


(Excerpt: Guangming Daily)

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