This spring, the "camping economy" is in full swing

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Did you go camping in spring? No matter where you are, you can always see friends around you on the beach, on the grass, or under the trees, setting up tents and enjoying the spring sun and fine food with their families.


The rise of camping boom has directly led to the "explosive" development of the outdoor supplies industry. Under the dual promotion of market demand and policy guidance, as the world's largest small commodity distribution center, more and more Yiwu enterprises compete to enter the outdoor goods track, through the "enterprise check" search keyword "Yiwu outdoor goods" found that as of March 22, 2024, the newly established outdoor goods companies in Yiwu reached 21,000, the degree of heat can be seen.


High foreign density camping is also popular abroad


"This product is suitable for park use, can accommodate more than two people, the price is 50 yuan, large quantities can be discounted." In the second district of the International Trade City, Wu Bing, head of Shangyu Tianfeng Travel Supplies Co., LTD., opened a tent and introduced the detailed parameters of the product to Beto, a Brazilian businessman. Accompanied by a foreign trade company translator real-time interpretation, Beto listened very carefully, from time to time to consult questions of concern.


The Brazilian people are enthusiastic and often camping outdoors, and the demand for outdoor goods is very strong. Beto just arrived in Yiwu that morning, and took the translator of the foreign trade company he cooperated with to the market, visit familiar merchants, and take a look at the new products. "Affected by the equatorial and tropical climate, Brazil not only rains frequently, but also the temperature is high, our requirements for tents are concentrated in three aspects, the rain function is strong, the heat insulation performance is better, the price is cheap, which is obviously not difficult to Yiwu merchants." Beto said with a smile that he will stay in Yiwu for 20 days this time and is expected to purchase 20 containers of goods such as outdoor goods, daily necessities, umbrellas and rain gear.


"There's no rush to place an order. I'll take another look." Beto knows the importance of more than one store, and after exchanging contact information with Wu Bing, he hurried to the next outdoor supplies store on the way.


Factories work overtime to catch a single peak season ahead of the summer


Selling hot outdoor goods, tents are one of the most "burning" items.


In the production workshop of Yiwu Wenxuan Outdoor Products Co., LTD., the reporter saw that a female worker was sitting in front of an electronic sewing machine, carefully aligning and sewing the fabric in her hand, and another female worker was also busy polishing the parts, their movements were skilled and accurate.


"From raw materials to the factory, a tent needs to go through at least 100 production processes." If you make a mistake, you may have a flaw." Zhu Yuelai, head of the enterprise, told reporters, "This year, we added 1 production line on the basis of the original 3 production lines, the output jumped from 1500 to 2000, and the workers increased from more than 30 to more than 70 people, but it is still not enough when busy." We expect a 20 percent increase in orders in the first quarter of this year.


The climate of different countries in the world is not the same, some countries have four seasons like spring, and some have just entered the spring and summer, with the increase of outdoor sports and outdoor social gatherings, the demand for outdoor supplies has become larger. "The outdoor tents, folding tables and chairs we are now sending to South Korea, Indonesia and Thailand." Zhu Yuelai's shop in the second district of the International Trade City is not large, in addition to reserving space to negotiate with customers, the rest is filled with all kinds of outdoor tents, tables and chairs, sleeping bags.


(Excerpt: Yiwu Commercial Daily)

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