The World Supermarket has opened its Christmas shopping season early

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Christmas Day falls on December 25th every year. Before this, European and American merchants usually come to Yiwu in April and May to see samples and place orders, but this year the situation seems to have a new change - affected by the increase in shipping rates and the shortage of shipping capacity brought about by the Red Sea crisis, the goods purchased by European and American merchants cannot arrive at the port on time, and they need to lock the shipment time in advance, that is, to see samples through wechat video in January. In February, I came to Yiwu market to confirm the deposit for product delivery.


Looking at the calendar, there are more than 270 days until Christmas, Yiwu International Trade City has already been immersed in the atmosphere of Christmas festival, written in Chinese, English, German, Spanish, Russian Christmas trees, Christmas socks, Christmas clothing, pendants and other Christmas products can be seen everywhere. Data show that Yiwu Christmas supplies industry is mainly concentrated in the International Trade City District, there are more than 800 business households.


So, how are Christmas orders this year? What are the new changes?


Fish can not live without water, just like Christmas can not live without Yiwu.


The Washington Post once commented: "The world's Christmas cannot be separated from Yiwu." According to an article titled "Christmas Made in China" published by Germany's Frankfurter Rundschau, nearly two-thirds of the world's Christmas decorations come from Yiwu. Many foreigners also joked that "without Yiwu, Santa Claus may have to lose his job."


What is this concept? If there is no Yiwu, many families around the world will have no Christmas tree, no Christmas lights, no Christmas gifts, and even Santa Claus will lose his Christmas hat, beard and clothes. The data don't lie: As the world's largest distribution center for Christmas supplies, Yiwu exported 4.67 billion Christmas supplies in 2023, an increase of 17.6%.


"At the beginning of the year, foreign investors first ask for orders, then look at samples, and then place orders." Doing more than 20 years of Christmas supplies business, Yiwu City Junhong Christmas clothing and gifts factory responsible Jiang Jiangping feel that this year's orders seem to come earlier, in addition to the above factors, with the changes in international trade, Christmas supplies off-peak season has no clear boundaries.


Products can not remain unchanged, no innovation means being eliminated


"This year, there are more than 200 new products in the store, including Christmas hats, Christmas boots, Christmas socks, Christmas clothing, new designs, new colors, new materials, more comfortable to wear and wear, and more beautiful to look at." In Jiang Jiangping's booth, you can be free to wear a "Santa Claus" costume and become the children's favorite mysterious figure.


Not only Christmas clothing, but even a small Christmas decoration ball is quickly responding to market changes. In a main Christmas decorations store, a cloth material Christmas decoration ball attracted the attention of reporters, the owner Wang Xiaoli said that this product is a new product designed for the European market, the same color ornaments are carefully placed together, convenient for customers to choose. "We develop and design new products according to popular trends. Many customers only come once a year, and we have to impress them so that the return rate is high." Years of dealing with foreign businessmen from different countries, Wang Xiaoli knows their preferences, such as green cedar with the shape of falling snow, decorated with gold and silver bells, which is the favorite of European and American customers; Red, green, and blue lights paired with contrasting flower shapes are popular among enthusiastic South American customers.


In fact, most merchants in Yiwu International Trade City do not celebrate Christmas. After all, factory machinery cannot be turned off. They produce Christmas goods for billions of people, and the roar of the machines replaces the jingle of the elk carts that are the Christmas Gospel for Yiwu merchants.


(From: Yiwu Business Daily)

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