The 852 "Yiwu · China Small Commodity Index" weekly price index comments

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According to monitoring, the weekly price index of small and medium-sized commodities of "Yiwu · China Small Commodity Index" was 101.69 points this week, up 0.14 points from the previous month, and the direct trading price index and export trading price index rose 0.44 points and 0.15 points respectively from the previous month. The online trading price index and the floor order trading price index fell 2.59 points and 0.84 points respectively.


The price index is steady and up slightly this week. The May Day holiday is approaching, the passenger flow in the field is increasing, and the domestic tourism industry is strongly driving the sales of some products in the field, such as backpack, crossbody bag, hiking bag, makeup bag and other package products are growing rapidly; In terms of export, orders for low-cost depositories such as schoolbags and wallets have increased. In addition, buyers have basically completed the preparation in advance, and the transaction of products such as folk arts and crafts, leisure and entertainment supplies, sports and fitness supplies has slowed down; Rain gear, fishing gear, jewelry and other products in the domestic retail market is acceptable. Summer products opened the sales market, all kinds of pet cooling products sales have been good, such as pet bite resistant ice pads, electric clippers and bath products and other products orders have increased. Cool sunscreen products market to good sales trend hot, all kinds of sunshade umbrellas, bedding, cotton and linen fabrics, clip-on sunglasses and sunscreen clothing and other products on the new frequent business, favored by buyers, inquiry to see the sample behavior increased. This week, the demand for electronic and electrical appliances industry has been fully released, and the order volume of small night lights, portable small fans, electric shavers and other products has continued to rise, mostly for domestic customers to purchase. The recent sales performance of sports and fitness supplies is stable, such as badminton, tennis, dumbbells, fitness wheels and other domestic first and second tier cities and the Middle East, Europe and other developed countries.


15 categories of price index 9 up 4 down 2 flat, clothing and apparel, care and beauty supplies, toys, cultural office supplies, accessories and packaging, electronic and electrical appliances, crafts, footwear and sports and entertainment supplies 9 categories rose, the largest increase of 2.24 points; Four categories of daily necessities, luggage, hardware and electrical materials, watches and glasses fell, with a maximum decline of 2.09 points; The price index for textiles and jewelry was unchanged from last week. Among the 97 secondary categories, 32 percent rose, 32 percent fell and 36 percent remained flat.

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