The 860th "Yiwu · China Small Commodity Index" weekly price index comments

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According to the latest monitoring data, the "Yiwu · China Small Commodity Index" small and medium-sized commodity weekly price index was 102.03 points this week, up 0.22 points from the previous month, and the online trading price index, export trading price index, order trading price index and direct trading price index rose 4.09 points, 0.92 points, 0.38 points and 0.21 points respectively.


The price index of sports and entertainment supplies rose significantly this week, the opening of the Paris Olympic Games and the European Cup are hot, the foreign flow of people increased, all kinds of jerseys, balls, aid, Olympic decorations and other products in the field are actively replenishment buyers, ordering a large volume, and are sold to France, Germany, Spain and other countries. Summer is approaching, interest classes around the country began to enter the preheating stage, all kinds of venue layout supplies such as modern simple tables and chairs, linen carpets, dried flowers hanging decorations, arts and crafts and other products market performance is good, sales more hot; With the arrival of the tourism season, buyers of luggage and bags place orders with high enthusiasm, and the small wholesale of portable luggage, large-size luggage, backpacks, makeup bags and other related products is frequent, mainly for all kinds of e-commerce platforms and retailers such as Douyin and Taobao. This week, the weekly price index of needles and textile products stabilized slightly, the new bedding business was frequent, and the old cane mat, wormwood ice silk mat, Lyocell fiber four-piece set, and bean fleece air conditioning were welcomed by the surrounding buyers, and zero batch two. Woolen blankets, silk quilts, pillow cores and other products have more anti-season promotional clearance activities, and consumers' anti-season purchase intention is high. In the second half of the traditional wedding season sales, the number of merchants preparing wedding supplies in advance has increased, the wedding industry has increased, and the sales of products such as dragon and phoenix covers, all kinds of wedding rooms, festive decorations and other products have risen, and the recent transaction has increased slightly.


The price index of 15 categories rose by 9 and fell by 6, and 9 categories of sports and entertainment supplies, hardware and electrical materials, watches and glasses, luggage, accessories and packaging, needles and textiles, handicrafts, jewelry and daily necessities rose, with the largest increase of 1.29 points; Six categories of care and beauty supplies, cultural office supplies, electronic appliances, toys, footwear and clothing fell, with the largest drop of 1.19 points. Among the 97 secondary categories, 32 percent rose, 32 percent fell and 36 percent remained flat.

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