The 857 "Yiwu · China Small Commodity Index" weekly price index comments

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According to monitoring, the weekly price index of small and medium-sized commodities of "Yiwu · China Small Commodity Index" was 101.52 points this week, down 0.38 points from the previous month, and the online trading price index rose 2.37 points from the previous month; The export trading price index, the floor order trading price index and the floor direct trading price index fell 0.44 points, 0.34 points and 0.33 points respectively.


As the graduation season approaches, the demand for cultural office supplies is strong, such as erasers, 2B card pens, neutral pens, compasses and other essential exam supplies sales have soared, and buyers have stepped up restocking to ensure adequate inventory; "One high Zongzi" series of key chains, "Gold List title" number one cartoon version shape bracelet and other elements of cultural and creative products because of their unique design and meaning quickly became popular, customers responded warmly, sales continue to rise, products in short supply, become the current popular products. Chinese aesthetics continue to integrate into life, the popularity of national fashion jewelry continues to rise, with silver jewelry, turquoise, pearl elements of brooches, necklaces, bracelets sales hot, more and more consumers favor these integration of traditional aesthetics and modern design jewelry, market turnover increased significantly; Especially recently, the "flower hairdressing fever" swept the whole network, the fashion wearing of flower hairdressing Hanfu and flower hairdressing bachelor hat led to the sale of artificial flowers, silk flowers, brocade cloud shoulders and other products, orders continue to be placed, and businesses actively innovate. Summer temperatures continue to rise, the bedding market is active, ice silk bed four sets, mahjong mat, rattan mat and other cool bedding has become the first choice of consumers, sales are considerable, mainly for the city and surrounding buyers; Swimming, water polo and other water sports are popular, swimming goggles, swimming caps, swimwear and other related products zero two prosperous, sales continue to rise, the future market continues to be optimistic.


15 categories of price index 5 up 10 down, cultural office supplies, footwear, clothing and apparel, watches and glasses and needle and textile category 5 categories rose, the largest increase of 1.67 points; Sports and entertainment supplies, care and beauty supplies, hardware and electrical materials, daily necessities, luggage, crafts, electronic and electrical appliances, jewelry, accessories and packaging, toys 10 categories fell, the largest decline of 3.4 points. Among the 97 secondary categories, 31% rose, 32% fell and 37% remained flat.

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