Olympic holiday economy double opening orders and passenger flow are good -- April "Yiwu China small commodity Index" boom index analysis

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According to the "Yiwu · China Small Commodity Index" (referred to as "Yiwu Index") information system monitoring, the prosperity index in April showed an upward trend, the total index was 1399.55 points, down 1.02% month on month, up 3.49% year on year; The price index for this month was 102.07 points, down 0.16% month-on-month and up 1.15% year-on-year. This month, the market began to sell summer products, and the sales volume of related products increased significantly; The Olympic economy, coupled with the May Day holiday and other effects, led to the market of many industries in the stadium, an endless stream of merchants in the stadium, foreign inquiries to see sample behavior increased, the scale, efficiency and other key indicators fell slightly, the confidence index rose steadily, and the business owners held a positive attitude.

First, analysis of the composition of the prosperity index

In April, the climate index was 1399.55 points, down 14.38 points from the previous month, down 1.02%, up 47.21 points, up 3.49%. The composition of the business index is analyzed as follows:

1, scale index: 05 points, down 2.39 points, down 0.22%. In terms of specific sub-indexes, the sentiment index, trading volume index and trading volume index rose by 1.44%, 0.18% and 0.14% respectively, and the variety expansion index fell by 4.56% respectively.

2, benefit index: 06 points, down 46.6 points, a decline of 2.08%. In terms of specific sub-indexes, the average household gross profit index rose by 0.72% month-on-month, and the business transfer index, capital transfer index and gross profit margin index fell by 7.27%, 5.55% and 3.25% month-on-month.

3, confidence index: 71 points, up 1.84 points, or 0.18%.

This month, 15 industry classification prosperity index 6 up 9 down, sports and entertainment supplies, crafts, jewelry monthly prosperity index ranked in the top three, of which crafts monthly prosperity index continued to rise, up 89.67 points; Sports and entertainment supplies, jewelry, cultural office supplies, accessories and packaging and care and beauty supplies five categories of the monthly prosperity index rebounded after the fall, respectively up 139.91 points, 60 points, 35.51 points, 31.59 points and 5.19 points. Hardware and electrical appliances, electronic and electrical appliances, luggage category monthly prosperity index ranked the top three, of which electronic and electrical appliances, luggage, clothing and daily necessities category four categories of prosperity index rose and fell, respectively down 196.8 points, 108.42 points, 5.59 points and 1.77 points; Hardware and electrical materials, watches and glasses, footwear, toys and needles and textiles five categories of prosperity index continued to decline, down 244.52 points, 69.55 points, 39.89 points, 34.77 points and 15.88 points respectively.

2. Analysis of the composition of the monthly price index

The price index for this month was 102.07 points, down 0.16% month-on-month and up 1.15% year-on-year. In terms of specific sub-indexes, the floor order trading price index rose by 0.08% month-on-month; The export trading price index, the online trading price index and the direct trading price index rose and fell by 0.75%, 0.36% and 0.17% respectively.

The monthly price index of 15 industry categories rose 7 and fell 8 this month, and the monthly price index of luggage, clothing and apparel and footwear ranked among the top three on the increase list, of which the monthly price index of sports and entertainment supplies continued to rise, up 0.28 points from the previous month; Electronic and electrical appliances, hardware and electrical materials, watches and glasses, footwear, clothing and clothing, luggage and bags six categories of monthly price index rebounded after falling, up 4.43 points, 2.44 points, 1.79 points, 0.56 points, 0.35 points and 0.11 points respectively; The monthly price index of arts and crafts, accessories and packaging, and toys ranked the top three on the list of declines, of which the monthly price index of arts and crafts, accessories and packaging, toys, daily necessities, cultural office supplies, jewelry and needle and textile categories fell after rising. It fell 2.7 points, 1.26 points, 1.02 points, 0.85 points, 0.26 points, 0.24 points and 0.14 points respectively. The monthly price index of care and beauty products continued to fall, down 0.58 points from the previous month.

3. Analysis of influencing factors of prosperity index

(A) summer products open sales market is good

The full opening of the summer products sales market, related automotive supplies sales performance is good, most of the surrounding buyers placed orders, such as waist and neck cushions, car aromatreatment, cleaning soft glue, sun insulation front stop and hidden hooks and other orders increased significantly, reflected in the data, Auto decoration, auto bedding, auto parts boom index rose 234.61 points, 183.21 points, 118.63 points. Clothing and apparel industry to complete the new stage of product seasonal change, linen pants, lace suspenders, solid color T-shirts zero batches of two thriving, the number of summer underwear orders increased, reflected in the data, men's underwear, children's underwear rose 127.2 points, 36.77 points respectively. Sunscreen related products market heating up, merchants increase the speed of new product development, such as mulberry silk sunscreen mask, lightweight visor, foldable sunglasses and other products favored by buyers, more sold to first and second-tier cities, reflected in the data, polarizer boom index rose 276.22 points.

(2) The Olympic Games and holidays boost the relevant industries

On the occasion of the Paris Olympic Games, the sales of French elements related products in the stadium are hot, the sports fitness industry continues to improve, and the performance is in the data, sports equipment, sports protective supplies, balls and ball supplies boom rose 266.27 points, 157.81 points, 7.59 points. Business owners in advance of the stock, foreign orders followed, still in short supply, the official authorized silicone bracelet, the French flag color of the cheer stick, national flag tattoo by foreign hot, custom trophies, championship MEDALS, memorial MEDALS and other orders frequently, performance in the data, awards, trophy boom index rose 94.65 points, 4.23 points. "May Day" consumption is hot, the holiday economy is full of vitality, animation exhibition, tea culture, national tide, concert and other hot entertainment scenes strongly pull the sales of crafts, jewelry, toy products, the increase is obvious, reflected in the data, Frame arts and crafts, artificial plants arts and crafts, ear jewelry, neck jewelry, educational toys, the boom index rose 233.14 points, 98.91 points, 115.73 points, 97.42 points, 20.65 points.

Fourth, future market forecast

(1) The holiday effect drives the market to heat up

In terms of domestic sales, the Mother's Day, Dragon Boat Festival and other festivals are approaching, and the order volume of gift peripheral products such as flower wrapping paper, lace ribbon, graffiti handbag is expected to increase greatly; In terms of export sales, foreign investors have opened the Christmas stocking stage, and the sales of various Christmas supplies will be significantly increased.

(2) The seasonal product season will continue

Summer is coming, summer products market will continue, summer bed four-piece sets, MATS and other products ushered in the sales season, and such as electric fans and other small household appliances market prospects; Half of the semester, student supplies, cultural and educational supplies are expected to usher in a wave of replenishment of small peak.


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