The 856 "Yiwu · China Small Commodity Index" weekly price index comments

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According to the latest monitoring data, the weekly price index of small and medium-sized commodities of "Yiwu · China Small Commodity Index" was 101.9 points this week, up 0.09 points from the previous month, and the online trading price index, order trading price index, and direct trading price index on the floor rose 3.31 points, 1.07 points, and 0.07 points respectively. On a month-on-month basis, the export price index fell 0.72 points.


Trading on the floor remained basically stable this week, the growth of passenger traffic was steady, and the overall transaction showed a steady and slight increase. Summer skin care products sales are strong, female consumers pay more attention to skin care and sunscreen, prefer lightweight products, such as water emulsion, moisturizing spray and cleaning mud film, which also led to the sales growth of facial mask brush, silicone mask bowl, compression mask and other auxiliary tools. At the same time, all kinds of drinks have become the new favorite of the public, "heat", "fat", "beauty" and other words frequently appear in the platform search keywords, cold brew coffee liquid, plum soup, fruit tea and other drinks have become a popular choice for office workers, big belly cup, ins striped glass, big MAC straw straight drink cup and other cup products online and offline markets are favored by consumers. With the approach of Children's Day, electronic and electric toys, outdoor toys, educational toys and other goods are warmly sought after by buyers, such as backpack water gun, porous bubble machine and other products replenishment orders increased significantly; In addition, the approach of the Dragon Boat Festival has also led to a sales boom in the tourist souvenir industry, with local characteristics of handicrafts, postcards, commemorative coins, refrigerator stickers and other hot commodities. Operators have increased innovation efforts, frequently launched new products, domestic sales performance is good, the future market is promising, is expected to maintain sustained growth.


The price index of 15 categories rose by 6 and fell by 9, and six categories of care and beauty supplies, needles and textiles, accessories and packaging, crafts, jewelry and electronic and electrical appliances rose, with the largest increase of 1.81 points. Luggage, footwear, sports and entertainment supplies, daily necessities, cultural office supplies, hardware and electrical materials, toys, watches and glasses and clothing categories fell 9 categories, the largest decline of 1.59 points. Among the 97 secondary categories, 28 percent rose, 35 percent fell and 37 percent remained flat.

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