The holiday season has reached the domestic market rise -- Analysis of the prosperity index of "Yiwu China Small Commodity Index" in March

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According to the information system monitoring of "Yiwu · China Small Commodity Index" (hereinafter referred to as "Yiwu Index"), the prosperity index in March showed an upward trend, with a total index of 1413.93 points, up 1.43% from the previous month (since the market was closed during the Spring Festival and the monthly prosperity index was not released in February, the number of the month-on-month comparison period was 2024/2/1, the same below), up 6.3% from the previous year; The price index for the month was 102.23 points, up 0.27% month-on-month and up 1.45% year-on-year. This month, the market opened the replenishment market smoothly transition to the spring cyclical sales season, the spring season to accelerate the new products, clothing clothing, jewelry and other fashion product varieties expansion index rose rapidly; Affected by the effect of March 8th Women's Day, Qingming small holiday and other festivals, boosting the domestic and foreign tourism market heating up, buyers purchasing active, scale, efficiency and many other key indicators rose.

First, analysis of the composition of the prosperity index

In March, the climate index was 1413.93 points, up 19.99 points, or 1.43%, and 83.74 points, or 6.3%, up from the same period last year. The composition of the business index is analyzed as follows:

1, scale index: 44 points, up 1.68 points, an increase of 0.15%. In terms of specific sub-indexes, the trading volume index and trading volume index rose 0.77% and 0.72%, respectively, while the variety expansion index and sentiment index fell 2.78% and 2.05%, respectively.

2, benefit index: 66 points, up 71.63 points, an increase of 3.31%. In terms of specific sub-indexes, the business transfer index, capital transfer index and average household gross profit index rose by 15.36%, 4.79% and 1.15%, respectively, and the gross profit rate index fell by 1.01%.

3, confidence index: 87 points, down 7.24 points, down 0.71%.

This month 15 industry classification prosperity index 8 up 7 down, arts and crafts, luggage and hardware and electrical materials category monthly prosperity index ranked in the top three, of which footwear and toys category 2 boom index continued to rise, up 27.38 points and 0.29 points respectively; Arts and crafts, luggage, hardware and electrical materials, daily necessities, clothing and watch glasses six categories of prosperity index rebounded after the fall, up 86.53 points, 53.84 points, 43.56 points, 31.45 points, 12.76 points and 1.37 points respectively; Sports and entertainment supplies, jewelry and accessories and packaging category of the monthly prosperity index ranked the top three, of which jewelry and accessories and packaging category of the two categories of prosperity index rose after falling, down 97.25 points and 77.95 points respectively; Sports and entertainment supplies, care and beauty supplies, cultural office supplies, needle and textile products and electronic appliances five categories of prosperity index continued to decline, down 267.08 points, 40.48 points, 32.36 points, 17.06 points and 13.09 points respectively.

2. Analysis of the composition of the monthly price index

The price index for the month was 102.23 points, up 0.27% month-on-month and up 1.45% year-on-year. In terms of specific sub-indexes, the exchange direct trading price index, the export trading price index and the online trading price index rose by 0.91%, 0.7% and 0.36%, respectively, and the exchange order trading price remained unchanged from last month.

The monthly price index of 15 industry categories rose by 8 and fell by 7 this month, and the monthly price index of crafts, accessories and packaging and daily necessities ranked the top three on the increase list, of which the monthly price index of crafts, accessories and packaging, daily necessities, needles and textiles, cultural office supplies, sports and entertainment supplies and jewelry continued to rise. It rose 4.74 points, 0.75 points, 0.49 points, 0.35 points, 0.2 points, 0.04 points and 0.02 points respectively. The toy monthly price index rebounded after falling, up 0.34 points from the previous month; The monthly price index of hardware and electrical materials, care and beauty products and luggage category ranked among the top three on the list of declines, of which care and beauty products and footwear 2 categories of monthly price index fell after rising, down 2.07 points and 0.85 points respectively. The monthly price index of five categories of hardware and electrical materials, luggage, electronic appliances, watches and glasses, and clothing and apparel continued to fall, falling 3.07 points, 1.79 points, 1.17 points, 0.31 points and 0.08 points respectively.

3. Analysis of influencing factors of prosperity index

(A) spring products on the new frequent

First, as the temperature continues to rise, the products on the floor to accelerate the pace of seasonal change, the new positive business, sandals, bags and clothing clothing and other seasonal products have become hot purchasing, the boom index rose 89.55 points, 53.84 points and 12.76 points respectively, sales boom is expected to continue. On the other hand, affected by the spring, rain increased across the country, merchants in advance to purchase rain supplies and household cleaning supplies, such as cleaning tools, umbrellas and sanitary cleaning daily necessities, the prosperity index rose 48.45 points, 36.07 points and 10.43 points, while waterproof foot MATS, rain shield and other car rain supplies also popular.

(2) Festivals boost domestic sales

38 Women's Day, Qingming Festival, May Day and other festivals have been undertaken, the temperature has risen, travel, outdoor and other activities have increased, the demand of related industries, the market is active, pet supplies, inflatable toys and daily arts and crafts industry climate index rose 103.32 points, 83.26 points and 70.33 points respectively. Outdoor supplies tents, awnings, sleeping bags and other camping supplies, barbecue grill, small electric cooker and other outdoor cooking utensils are the most popular. Qingming, May a small holiday is coming, consumers are willing to travel, the domestic tourist attractions passenger flow rebounded significantly, driving a variety of Buddhist supplies, jewelry, travel bags sales rose, sports and leisure bags, arts and crafts and suitcases boom index rose 227.65 points, 95.22 and 1.56 points respectively.

Fourth, future market forecast
(1) The exhibition effect drives the market to heat up

April is the peak period of Yiwu exhibition, is expected to hold Yiwu glasses industry exhibition, Yiwu Huaxia Fair, hardware and electrical appliances Expo, auto Culture Festival spring fair and other exhibitions, the number of domestic and foreign merchants will further increase, related industries such as watch glasses, textile, hardware and automotive supplies is expected to usher in a wave of new peak procurement.
(2) The seasonal product season will continue

On the one hand, spring and summer products will continue to be hot sellers in the coming period of time, and the transaction volume of jewelry, care and beauty supplies and other industries will continue to increase. On the other hand, the weather is getting warmer and consumers are willing to travel, and the demand for tourism and leisure products will continue to grow.

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