The 853 "Yiwu · China Small Commodity Index" weekly price index comments

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According to the monitoring, the weekly price index of small and medium-sized commodities of "Yiwu · China Small Commodity Index" was 101.36 points this week, down 0.33 points from the previous month, and the on-market order trading price index rose 0.08 points from the previous month; The online trading price index, the direct trading price index and the export trading price index fell 1.74 points, 0.45 points and 0.42 points respectively.


This week, the price index stabilized slightly down, the May Day holiday travel enthusiasm is high, all kinds of travel supplies sold, orders increased, such as suitcases, towels, travel sports shoes, toiletry and other products performed well; Air pumps, spare tires, triangle warning signs, spare oil drums and other car protection supplies are mostly purchased by passengers traveling on self-drive Tours. At the end of spring and the beginning of summer, the increase in outdoor activities such as mountain camping and cultural tourism fairs has led to an increase in sales of surrounding related products, such as portable folding tables, picnic MATS, camping portable kettles, heat preservation boxes, portable barbecue grills and other products, which are mostly replenished orders by surrounding purchasers, and the single volume of online and offline activities is active. In addition, sales of outdoor toys and plush toys are hot, and domestic and foreign sales are on the rise, such as Frisbee, beach toys, strawberry bears, and egg series throw pillows. Recently, the temperature has increased, the degree of skin exposure has increased, and the accessory products are favored by women, such as the national style retro bracelet, glass earrings, rainbow multi-treasure chain; Nail strips, manicure tools, nail tools and other supporting products have good domestic trade turnover, and buyers place frequent orders; At the same time, the four-piece bed sets, sofa cooling MATS, MATS and other bedding are also performing well, merchants actively on the new products, the number of foreign purchase orders increased, more sold to France, Germany, Russia and other European countries.


15 categories of price index 4 up 11 down, footwear, care and beauty supplies, hardware and electrical materials and daily necessities 4 categories rose, the largest increase of 1.8 points; The 11 categories of clothing and apparel, sports and entertainment supplies, toys, needles and textiles, electronic and electrical appliances, cultural office supplies, jewelry, watches and glasses, accessories and packaging, crafts and luggage fell, with a maximum decline of 2.24 points. Among the 97 secondary categories, 33% rose, 30% fell and 37% remained flat.

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