The 854 "Yiwu · China Small Commodity Index" weekly price index comments

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According to monitoring, the "Yiwu · China Small Commodity Index" small and medium-sized commodity weekly price index was 101.85 points this week, up 0.49 points from the previous month, the order trading price index, the direct trading price index and the export trading price index rose 0.86 points, 0.48 points and 0.27 points respectively, and the online trading price index fell 5.45 points from the previous month.


Every "May Day" holiday, "purchase tourism" is popular in Yiwu, the trade city has become a popular place for tourists to punch-in, the flow of people has doubled, and the products in the field have zero batches of two prosperous, such as Lego dolls, makeup eggs, hair bands, mobile phone accessories, etc., are favored by tourists, placing orders frequently, and the frequency of business households to replenish goods has risen. With the advent of summer, the temperature has gradually climbed, and the punch points in the urban scenic spots have been hot, and the sales volume of relevant specialty crafts, exquisite souvenirs, ancient photo clothing, light national wind horsetail, step hair bun and other goods has increased significantly, and the online and offline orders have been in an endless stream, and the operators have expanded on the new efforts, constantly bringing forth the old, and the burst goods have emerged in an endless stream, attracting many merchants to place orders. In addition, the sunscreen market has also entered a hot state in advance, and the demand for cooling products is increasingly strong, among which the rich style of sunscreen clothing is particularly popular, and still ranks at the top of the sales list. The popularity of the new product "Facekini" is extremely high, becoming a highly functional power item, while the demand for sun mask continues to grow, adding a bright touch to the summer sun protection market. Pet supplies industry sales season, all kinds of pet collars, traction rope, chest straps, and drinking water basin one of the feeders, pet automatic drinking water and other pet food utensils continue to sell well, domestic and export orders rose steadily. In addition, the export market of detachable pet aviation case, space capsule pet backpack, pet go out portable backpack is promising, mainly selling Europe, the United States and Southeast Asian markets.


15 categories of price index 11 up 4 down, hardware and electrical materials, watches and glasses, electronic appliances, luggage, cultural office supplies, daily necessities, toys, jewelry, crafts, accessories and packaging and needle and textile category 11 categories rose, the largest increase of 0.88 points. Four categories of footwear, sports and entertainment products, care and beauty products and clothing and apparel fell, with the largest drop of 0.59 points. Among the 97 secondary categories, 39 percent rose, 25 percent fell and 36 percent remained flat.

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